Healthcare sector

The solution for a 100% reliable and flexible online calendar.

Do you run a practice, or do you work in health care (veterinarian, hypnosis centre, hearing centre, beauty salon, ….) and do you work by appointment? Appoint can offer you a complete solution for professional appointment management (for all non-medical professions). Manage all your appointments the flexible way and access your calendar at the times that suit you best, all tailored specifically to your practice.

  • Efficient and complete calendar management
  • Real-time data at your fingertips, across all your devices, anytime, anywhere
  • Your customers can book their own appointment through your website or social media channels
  • Quicker communication between you and your customers

With Appoint, you no longer need to spend time planning your schedule – you can focus 100% on your core business. Find out which solution works best for you.
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Government agencies

A total online package to simplify your appointment management.

Ease the administrative flow by using professional appointment management that automates and streamlines your daily appointment input. Appoint is a flexible software system that can be fully configured to suit your organisation.

  • User-friendly
  • Compatible with other software packages or calendar programs
  • One clear overview of all appointments for the entire organisation
  • Control over all scheduled appointments
Reduce scheduling your appointments to a minimum, and discover which Appoint solution best suits your organisation. Upgrade your calendar with our visitor registration tool for optimal use. The digital visitor registration guides each user through an efficient registration process.


Our calendar can also be enhanced with a login and call screen, controlled by a customer guidance system, to facilitate citizens even more efficiently.

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Service sectors

Your appointments are efficiently organised using customised online calendar management.

Would you like to get the most out of your day? Then Appoint will ensure that you won’t have to waste valuable time planning and organising your schedule. Appoint offers a flexible working tool for all sectors.

  • Tailored to the needs of the department
  • Comprehensive control of all calendar items
  • Option for seamless communication with customers via email or text messaging
  • Consistent and clear features

Create space for other activities by choosing an efficient and flexible solution for planning your appointments.