Your partner in crime for a tailor-made daily schedule.

Appoint enables you to find the perfect balance for organising your time efficiently, and this is fully customised to your company, business or organisation.

Customers can book an online appointment for a time that’s convenient both for them and for you. Moreover, the hurdles for making an online appointment are much lower than when arranging an appointment by phone.

The result? Up to 70% fewer phone calls, and you reach a new audience that you didn’t have before. A double win!

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Your safety net for hosting and domain names

Appoint is a professional hosting partner which manages its own infrastructure for hosting websites and applications.

We are also your contact for domain names and email traffic.

We help you with everything, from registering a domain name, launching your website/web application online, to managing your email domain.

So far, we manage more than 1.500 domain names and their associated websites.



A high-quality website is your company’s digital business card. So it goes without saying that its design needs plenty of care and attention. But what if you don’t have the time or knowledge to do this yourself? Appoint can relieve you of this burden for a competitive price, starting at 799 euros.

To date, we have proven to be a reliable partner for numerous companies.

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