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A tailor-made Appoint solution!

Does your work require appointments to be made, but you don’t want to waste valuable time managing, following up and scheduling your calendar?

The Appoint online calendar relieves the strain, allowing you to focus on what’s really important: your business!

Interested in how we stay on point?

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Appoint is an effective calendar program which hugely simplifies your organisation’s appointment management. In other words, it eases your workload.

From a small veterinary practice to a medium-sized insurance office, to an entire municipal organization or police precinct. Appoint so far manages over 4.000 calendars across Flanders and Wallonia.

Will it be managing yours soon?




We start by studying the customer journey and teamwork flow within your organisation. We outline all your needs and requirements to develop a customised implementation.


We assist you in implementing the Appoint calendar, and monitor its successful integration to ensure all functional and technical requirements are coordinated.


Smooth rollout of the calendar system, with training by our account manager and a follow-up meeting.

04Appoint Support

Our support team is always available to answer all your questions. Then there is also our online helpdesk, which can be contacted 24/7, and provides helpful and technical information.



Together on point! Meet our young and dynamic team.

We are committed to developing new functionalities every day, and are continuously challenging ourselves to offer you an even better service.


These include public services, veterinarians, banking and insurance companies, the retail sector and almost everything in between.


Compared to our previous online calendar, we have noticed that appointments are made much faster. This really is progress! I find it effortless to use the calendar to schedule an appointment immediately with the customer while speaking to them. Synchronisation with our private calendars is also extremely smooth.
Simone en RayTattoo shop
We have been using your calendar for about two years now. It's a very user-friendly system. It’s an effortless way for us and our residents to make an appointment via the website. Citizens now know immediately which documents they’ll need to bring, and we are perfectly prepared! Win-win for everyone!
Police zone Geel-Laakdal-MeerhoutPolice zone
We have started with Appoint's online calendar. We haven’t yet told our customers about this move, and yet today a few patients had already been booked in by the customer. So they were able to find it! Your help is greatly appreciated!
Nele Van Den BoschVeterinarian
Since I have been using the Appoint online calendar, it has made work a lot easier, both for myself and the patients. Waiting times are shorter, and I can reach many more new clients. Within one week, 70% of clients had already made an appointment. The system is extremely user-friendly. Despite being computer illiterate, even I don’t find it hard to use. Further huge benefits include an app for your smartphone; no need for the customer to log in, and small changes are easy to make when you’re short of time. In brief, a great improvement for my practice!
Valerie GielenVeterinarian - DAP Argus
Our company, which specialises in airport and passenger transport in Leopoldsburg, has been using this user-friendly calendar for almost a year now. Every driver has their own personal calendar, which is linked to a tele-office from which everything is managed. This type of calendar offers real added value for our company, and is an absolute must-have! Thank you very much, Appoint, for your excellent support and service. Brilliant!
Franky HauwytransAirport and passenger transport Hauwytrans
Just tried it out, and it works amazingly well! Super, thanks everyone!
Fatih KoseHypnosis practice
So far, I’ve been using your calendar for a month and I just wanted to say how satisfied I am! It’s very convenient, customers find it easy to use, it's a genuine asset. Also, I’ve had far fewer phone calls! I only have one regret... that I didn’t buy it sooner.
Kirsten DriesenVeterinarian
All our expectations were met and it’s simply much more pleasant to work with. We’re completely satisfied.
Kris van der Maat Information officer/Emergency planning Municipality of Stabroek
Our website is our digital business card. Time after time, Appoint is able to bring our vision to life perfectly.
Loriana AllegrezzaFounder E-Volve
Easy to use, both for our citizens and our staff. The links to the website give us a streamlined user experience.
College of Mayor and AldermenBocholt
The concept and the result are amazing! In fact, it’s so good that our local initiative as a BMW/MINI dealer was spotted by BMW Benelux. The project will be rolled out across the whole of Belgium. We at BMW Beliën are justifiably proud of this!
Filip WeytjensBeliën Automotive Group
The result is as expected, brilliant! We’re extremely satisfied with Appoint!
Benny JookenPolice zone LRH
We’re extremely pleased with the service provided. We can always contact the helpdesk for any questions or changes. They always respond quickly, and we're given the appropriate solution to our questions.
Lauren Van der Spurt en Stijn ClinckemalieMarketing Team Serry
We’re extremely satisfied with the results of our online calendar management!
William NelissenServices & Process Manager MediaMarkt